Best Baby Chair price in 2020

You’re expecting and the baby gear you’ve purchased has already taken up more room than you can afford to spare in your apartment or house. Who knew babies needed so much stuff? They take up more room than an adult does.

What you need is to find ways to save space so your house doesn’t become an obstacle course.

If your dining room is already packed and you don’t see how you’ll possibly fit a high chair in there too, you can always think outside of the box by checking out one of these convenient hook on high chairs.

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Best of high chairs in 2020

The Benefits Of Hook On High Chairs

  • Saves space: With a hook on high chair, you’ll simply clip or hook the seat onto a table, saving you a lot of space.
  • Easy to clean: When mealtime is over, all you have to do is wipe it down and put it in a closet for next time. Or if you prefer, you can leave it hooked to your table.
  • Encourages family time: Your baby will feel like one of the family, and you’ll have more opportunity to interact with each other as you all enjoy your meals. Experts are always saying how important it is to have family mealtimes at the table together (1). Why not start that habit early?
  • Portable: You can take them on vacation or to your favorite restaurant. Plus, if you can skip the communal restaurant high chair that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly, you might avoid catching something from other children

Choosing The Best Hook-On High Chair

Hook-on high chairs offer a lot of great features. We’ve put together a checklist of exactly what you want so you can start searching for something that meets your criteria.

  • Storage pockets: Some high chairs offer a storage pocket at the back of the seat, which is a great feature if you’re taking it to a restaurant or on vacation with you. You can store baby spoons and forks, wet wipes and a pacifier to pop in their mouths if they get fussy.
  • Carrying bags: For the ultimate in portability and hygiene, look for something that comes with a carrying bag so that you can fold it up nicely between uses. This also helps keep it clean when not in use.
  • A removable seat cushion: Having a removable seat cushion makes clean-up a snap. You can simply take it off the high chair whenever your baby makes a mess, throw it into the washing machine and it’s good to go for the next meal.
  • A double purpose: If you can find a model that serves a secondary purpose, you’ll be saving time and space because you won’t have to buy another piece of equipment down the road. For example, some can also double as booster seats as your baby grows.
  • The color: If you’re primarily going to be using it at home, pay special attention to the decor of your dining room or kitchen and look for a chair that will blend in.
  • Non-damaging arms: If you’re worried that this kind of high chair will destroy the finish on your family’s heirloom table, look for rubber arms.
  • Your baby’s weight: If you have a big baby on your hands, think about the weight limit of the chair you’re looking at. This becomes especially important if you want to use the chair for a couple of years.
  • Table thickness: You need to make sure the chair you get is compatible with your table. Some only fit tables that are 1.5 inches thick, while others can handle thicker ones.
  • and spare your child an illness.
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